To heart, from brain

Song: "Outnumbered" - Dermot Kennedy

For Heart,

Hey Heart, it's Brain. Can we please slow down. I am exhausted. I can't keep up with you. We've been on our feet running for so so long. You're all over the place, gassed towards absolutely everything you see. You're so messy. My goodness, you wreak havoc everywhere you go. It's exhausting, cleaning up after you, explaining and apologizing to everybody on your behalf. My hands are blistered. My feet are SO sore. Can we just chill, for like a second? Take your sneakers off, let's do something easy. Skydiving and cliff-jumping were thrilling. Hiking up that mountain was interesting. Boxing was fun. Can I choose what we do next? It's been crazy exciting lately, but I could use a break. You're tired too, I know it.

Can we just go to the beach today? No sharks, or heights, or deep water. I wanna slather myself in SPF, lay down, and check out today from stress. I don't wanna be anxious for my life, or run out of breathe. I want the worst thing to happen today, to be sand in my armpits.

You're the best at making the most of life out of the two of us. You give purpose, and put meaning into everything I do. Don't ever stop being yourself. Life would be unbearable without you. I need you, heart. I cherish everything we do together, every detour, all the disasters you walk us into. The wheel will always be yours. I'm just asking to relax for a little bit. You have bruises to nurse too. I need to refuel.

(p.s. do you mind skipping less, it's really stressful for me)


Love, Brain