To all the boys I've loved pt.2

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Part 1 was about the closing things I would say to all the boys I've cared about. In this second installment I'll be writing about my first impressions of them. I love the concept of first impressions, the roots of things that eventually mean a lot to us is so so interesting to me. Here's what I first thought of the guys I cared about.

Song: When I see you - Fantasia

"He seems fun! He's so nice to his friends. Why does he keep looking over here . . . his friends too . . . uhhm"

Song: Falling - Snakehips, Malika

"Ohhh so that's the guy everyone keeps talking about. Okay, okay. I seeeeee"

Song: Like a fan - Craig David

"I don't wanna talk to him, he looks SCARY (it was a class activity I think, where we needed to talk to eachother). Oh my god noooooo, Ms. _______ why?!?! Don't wanna!"

Song: Danger - Acoustic - JKAY, Shola Ama

"Oh my lord, he's tall. My neck hurts, can't he sit down."

Song: Dangerously in love - Beyonce

"He seems really down to earth. I'm uncomfortable, why am I so freaking close to the front?! I don't know where to freakin look. I can see the sweat on his brow, oh my god, TOO CLOSE!"

Song: Complicated - Nivea

"You don't think . . . nah, but . . . there's nooo way . . . THIS MAKES NO SENSE."