The last time I heard "Treat Me Like Somebody"

Song: "Treat Me Like Somebody" - Tink

Tink's "Treat Me Like Somebody" has become kind of a staple in my life. The song has dotted alongside me since 2017, when I first heard it in my friend's car. Her lyrics resonate with my lifelong neediness for something genuine. Life, circumstances, people, friends, the media, they've all, in their own way, poked holes into my pursuit of real-ness. I've "asked for too much in a relationship." I don't look the way I need to. I'm too much of this, not enough of that. I should be doing this, not that. I play this song often on the other side of these things. I'm usually heartbroken, or piecing up a mistake, sometimes it's for the validation. The song makes me feel safe with my desires, that I'm not crazy for chasing authenticity.

The last three times I played "Treat Me Like Somebody". . .

1. We took a "break"

Things weren't going well in my relationship-at-the-time. We had aggressively different perspectives. We fought a lot. There were a lot of insecurities on my part. We didn't communicate very well with each other. Not long after I asked for the break, I was crying to this song in my car. "Why is it so hard . . . why is it so hard" I remember thinking through the red.

2. I fought with a friend

We were on severely different pages about something I was doing, he also had harsh opinions about a friendship I had. Neither of us wanted to compromise. We just huffed to agree to disagree. Driving to my house, I wanted to be petty, so I played this song in front of them, like five times . . . I think we're okay now.

3. I felt like it

I get tired of songs often. I have a tendency to loop songs I like until I get desensitized. "Treat Me Like Somebody" I've still yet to get sick of. I think it's because the topic resonates so much with me. I played it on my way work to work last week.