"So Sick Challenge"

Song: "So Sick" - Neyo

This challenge was everywhere last year. I'm a little late, but I hope you enjoy it still! :)


Said I'm so sick of love songs, I'm done with missing you

It's been a couple months, got some things to say to you

What we had was really special

Don't get that confused

Things happened for the best, and I don't hate you

Actually, I love you, not like I used to

I'm good, seriously, and I hope that you're good too

What we put each other through, man was it hurtful

You tried, I cried

We gave it our best shot

It's all in the past now, I don't think of you no more

I mean this, I hope that you're happy . . .

I'm happy too

I think we deserve this

I'm done with love songs

I'm done with tears

I'm done with wishing you were still here