My definition of love, so far

I've been trying to figure out love probably since I was born. Butterflies, rejection, relationships, heartbreaks, the in-betweens of these, since birth have and continue still, to shape what love is to me. I've had a few relationships. I've been on cloud-nine, head-over-heels in love. In one of them, I thought as far as marriage (that was terrifying for me). I've been cheated on. My heart's been shattered a couple times. I have lost myself loving someone before. The meaning of love to me has grown alongside my tears and euphoria. If my definition of love could sing, they'd be karaoke-ing to these songs. . .

Ordinary People - John Legend

Love takes time

Love won't rush in getting to know you. It won't jump to conclusions right away. Love in earnest builds slowly, and meaningfully

Lover - Taylor Swift

Love is loyal

Love won't trade you for someone else. Love won't cheat. It'll stick by you through the good, bad, and uglies of everything. Love won't ever, ever leave you.

Best Part Of Me - Ed Sheeran ft. YEBBA

Love inspires me to be better

Being in love with, being loved by, and loving the right person makes me want to be a better human. I want to be more honest, patient, understanding, forgiving. Love makes me want to be a better listener. Love shows me what I need, and changes the definition of what I want.

We Both Know - Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz

Love is hard

It makes you swallow your pride. Love makes you step into perspectives outside of your own. Love wants you to compromise. Love wants you to apologize when you're wrong, and forgive when you don't want to.

Bones - Maren Morris

Love is worth it

I hear true love is worth waiting for. Honest love is worth fighting for, worth working and hurting for. They say it's more important than pain, our expectations, or pride, vanity; supposedly more important than the exhaustion and impatience.

You and Me - James TW

Love is growth

Love is open to change. It won't control you, or shackle you to anything that'll hurt you. It's supportive when you try new things, lovingly corrects you when necessary. It'll never dismiss you or your feelings. You'll never question your worth. Love is there when life's unbearable. Love will always let you be yourself.