Dear 25-year old me,

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Song: "7 Years" - Lukas Graham

Dear 25-year old me,

It's really scary to think about you. Twenty-five years old, oh my. I hope you're okay. Life is pretty dang unpredictable, I hope I caught you on a good day. How has the past five years been? Crazy, I'm sure. Amazing, I hope. I'm about to turn twenty. Whoa. Are we single? Oh, by then we'll have graduated university, how's that been? I'm doing my best right now, hopefully, that pays off for you. Hey 25-year old me, I'm scared. The world keeps pushing me into places I'm terrified to be in. I can't seem to stay comfortable for longer than a day. Things keep moving. There are more things on the ground than in my hands, or anywhere else for that matter.

Tell me that you're okay, that me feeling like this is worth it all. I hope the decisions I'm making today aren't causing you pain, heartache, or any burden over there. I'm trying, I promise. Who's with us still? Are we still close to Jenny? Where are we living? What are we doing? Whatever it is, I hope to God we love it. Seriously, are we still single? The guy I'm figuring stuff out with, you know who, is he still around? Do things ever get better? Whatever's meant to have happened will have already, so tell me, do I make the right decisions? If you are with someone, whoever it is, I hope he makes you happy; that you feel loved, and that you make them feel the same too. Our love life to this point has been a bit of a mess, I hope things are better for you. I really do. You know that thing in our life, THE THING, what happened to that? Are you okay? Please be okay. I'm okay.

Things are crazy all the time, but today on the 27th of February, at 8:06 pm pacific time, I feel kinda good. I don't know how you're feeling, what you're doing now, you might be really different from me. I hope you're okay. Actually no, I hope you're great and happy. I hope that you feel loved, that you still love life. If you're screwed up, burnt out, mad at the world and whatnot, WAKE UP! I'm not gritting my teeth over here for you to feel like that. I swear, if you're an a**hole, I'm gonna start eating dairy again.

Soon I'll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me - Lukas Graham