5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Boy

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Song: "If I Were A Boy" - Beyonce

If I were a boy I would . . .

1. ALWAYS put the toilet seat down!

I've fallen into enough toilets to have this, against the many other things I could have had on here, on this list. I mean c'mon, it's seriously not that hard; it's literally one wrist flick. If you can turn the light off, you can put the seat down.

2. I'd teach the women in my life how to change a tire, and use a hand drill

I guess with this one I'm offering a loose societal discussion about women's hegemonic role. I don't know, I'm not a huge fan of the image of the woman waiting for the guy to fix her broken cabinet hinge, or change her flat tire. As a man, I think I would want to make sure that the women in my life can take care of themselves because I'm not always going to be around. I don't think we have to rely so much on boys with basic everyday things. Women are so dang capable on their own.

3. I would listen to her

Like Beyonce sings, I know "how it hurts." I know what it's like to feel glossed over, to not be listened to. You spend a while building yourself up to say and do certain things, and to have them be taken so loosely like it didn't take everything you had, it sucks. I'm familiar with the feeling of needing to be listened to, the need to be supported and valued; I know how bad it feels to not get those things. From a partner especially, to feel like what you're saying doesn't matter, like the conversation could be about fries, or any other random thing when it isn't, hurts a lot. If I were a boy I would make sure she feels secure, important, that she feels safe and loved.

4. Stroll downtown by myself at night

I'm a pretty tiny person, I cannot walk in the dark by myself, man have I wanted to though. At night there's a breeze. It's not as congested, the lights are beautiful in the city, it's a perfect strolling opportunity! Vancouver is beautiful, Surrey has some great trails, but I can't be in the dark by myself at night. I go out with my friends, but y' know sometimes it's nice to just be by yourself, I can't do that out in the dark. If I were the opposite gender, a little taller, little more buff, at night I would walk down Robson, along the bridges and the pier right after sunset.

5. Tell the women in my life that I appreciate them, and that I love them

I don't think people hear it enough, men or women, how great they actually are. Love in general I think should be expressed more often, and louder, without any kind of occasion or motive behind it. I'm sure guys are dealing with their own things, but I can only speak for women, just myself actually. It's not easy being a girl, just being alive in general I feel like. Life is not kind sometimes, and a lot of us are caught up in whatever we're dealing with. In the midst of everything, it's pretty easy to forget to be thankful, to love yourself and also love where you're at. I'd tell the women in my life how beautiful I think they are, remind them how strong they are. I would also tell them how much they mean to me. I'd compliment like crazy! (I try to do these as a girl already, I think coming from a guy it would be received a little differently, good differently) These little acts/words seem insignificant, but I know from experience how meaningful an impact they can have. These moments, in my opinion, offer a really sweet break from life, stress, work, and everything else. For the complimentee, that could be their first moment in months to think about themselves, and feel valued. Women go through a lot (guys do too I know), sometimes they forget how special they are, and it only takes a couple words.