4 Things I Need Space From

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Song: "Drive and Disconnect" - Nao

I think Nao is singing about placing distance between herself and the things that weigh her down, and make her feel less than what she is. There are things in my life I could use a bit of distance from. I've listed four of them below.

1. Overthinking

I spend a lot of time inside my head, and it can get pretty problematic. I'm really good at thinking good things into bad things, and bad into good. I have thought myself into tears before, a few times into mild kinds of panic spirals. There is a lot to engage with outside of my noggin, and I want to put more effort into that. I want to think less, and live more!

2. My phone

I'm on my phone waayy too much. Seventy-five percent of the time I'm on my phone too, I'm not even doing anything meaningful. This section is another facet to what I mentioned previously about wanting to "live more." When I'm on my phone I'm distracted, and in a real way I'm taken from the great, fun, tangible people and experiences around me, I want that to happen less.

3. Fears

I have a lot of fears, and as they tend to do, they keep me from doing things I really want to do. I'd like to disconnect from being afraid of disappointing people, being afraid of talking too much, of being too weird or confusing, of singing. I want to worry less about how people receive me, and focus more on how happy I am with myself.

4. Red Meat

I'm trying to cut down on my red meat consumption. I've been reading that it's (red meat) not that great for you, and quite literally it does weigh me down. Vegan or vegetarian is a little shy of impossible for me right now, but I think I can manage being a pescetarian.