2019, You've been somethin'

Song (idk): "You've been somethin'" (2019) - Jade Boiser

Every year moves faster than the last, and crazier. 2019 has been one messy blur of "whoa!" The world opened up in ways I wasn't ready for, sometimes in ways I could only cry about. I cried so much this year. I learned so much. I broke many things: out of my comfort zone, I messed up a lot, it's not in the voice memo, but at one point this year I was actually broke. My heart was a freaking trooper. I'd say she's my MVP this year . . . SO MANY punches; scratches, scrapes, burns, gashes . . . geeez, people were SO mean, she's basically on life support right now.

I'm never gonna be able to accurately package 2019 into a post, too much happened, but I tried to speak to as much as I could remember. I don't have a solid stance on what this year was, or what it did for me (I guess it made me more sure of myself, stronger maybe?). It was SO many things. 2019 was something.

Photo cred to my friend Jose!